Today’s marketers have more data at their fingertips than ever before. However, all this information isn’t helpful unless it can be organized and analyzed in a way that allows you to take actionable steps moving forward. It’s definitely recommended that you use some type of ad tracking software to help track your ROI.

Each channel has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to measuring ROI. For example, while some channels like email and search advertising are easy to calculate based on clicks or conversion rates, other channels like social media, PR, or content marketing are much harder to measure directly because they don’t provide clear KPIs. Here are some tracking and attribution models that can help you better handle your marketing efforts.

1. Conversion Rate Model

The conversion rate model tracks how many people purchase or take action after seeing a particular piece of content. This model only works if you have at least one conversion goal. For example, to measure your email marketing ROI, you need to know how many people convert from seeing your email to purchasing something from your store. To calculate the effectiveness of a paid social campaign, you need to know how many people click on the ads and convert.

2. Funnel Model

Funnel models are used by marketers with more than one conversion goal. The funnel model is used to track different conversion types such as website signups, newsletter signups, or purchases in your online store. The funnel model breaks down the process into four stages: awareness, consideration/interest, desire/intent, and action/conversion. It’s essential to keep track of where visitors are in the process so that you can figure out what actions they took and which ones were successful (or unsuccessful).

3. LTV Model

Marketers commonly use the LTV model with multiple goals for their campaigns. It’s also helpful to determine ROI during a campaign where various conversions are possible, such as clicks on ads leading to sales or purchases on Amazon leading to deals on eBay. The LTV stands for lifetime value and is an excellent way to determine how much your customer will spend with you.

4. Cost Per Acquisition Model

The cost per acquisition model is one of the simplest ways to determine effectiveness. It’s based on the idea that you can only charge a certain amount for every asset and that your marketing budget should reflect this. This is also an excellent model for determining whether you should increase or decrease your marketing budget. According to recent research, you can improve your ROI by 30% by spending less than $0.20 per acquisition on Facebook.

5. First Touch

The first touch model is best used when trying to determine the ROI of an email campaign. This model helps determine how many people opened an email, clicked on a link, or purchased something after seeing an email. You can also use this model when tracking other forms of online advertising such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. The first touch model breaks down the process into three stages: awareness, interest/consideration, and action/conversion.

6. Last Touch

The last touch model helps track different types of marketing campaigns. It’s also helpful in determining the effectiveness of email, social media, and other advertising. This model breaks down the process into four stages: awareness, consideration/interest, desire/intent, and action/conversion. The last touch model is an excellent way to help determine which marketing campaigns are working best and which are not.

7. Linear

The linear model is a simple way to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. It’s also helpful when trying to determine the ROI of your marketing budget. The linear model breaks down the process into three stages: awareness, consideration/interest, and action/conversion. Use this model when trying to determine if your marketing campaigns are working or not.

8. Time Decay

The time decay model is an excellent way to determine the effectiveness of email marketing. This model breaks down the process into four stages: awareness, consideration, desire/intent, and action/conversion. This model is instrumental in determining when your email campaigns are effective and which ones are not.

The time decay model is an excellent way to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It’s also a great way to determine which marketing campaigns are the most effective and which are not. You can use this model in conjunction with other models such as linear or first touch. The best part about this model is that it’s straightforward to use and understand.

Smokers report a predictable variety of symptoms after even only a year of puffing. They cough more often and catch colds easily. They smell bad and are socially ostracized. When they cough, it’s difficult to stop and one will often end up caught in a coughing fit. Smokers bring up grey-green-yellow phlegm which is disgusting, but also worrying. What is in their lungs and could it be killing them? Ultimately, smoking kills almost all people who don’t stop one way or the other, which is why consumers are urged to quit or to at least switch to vaping & checkout the best e cigarette brands.

Smoking Deaths

How do smokers die? They experience fatal asthma attacks, heart attacks, and emphysema. Smoking affects the brain, heart, lungs, and other organs. Lung cancer is frequently a death-sentence by the time it is caught, but even mouth cancer can spread if it isn’t caught and treated in time. Rarely, someone will die from a house fire caused by a cigarette being dropped when one is sleeping.

Smoking Costs

Even before smoking costs a person his or her life, it is an expensive habit to fund. Smokers pay anything from $6 to over $10 for a pack of cigarettes. Imagine the price of smoking 1 pack every day where packs cost $11 each: $77 per week; $4004 yearly. After a few years, that’s the price of a new car out the window or even a family holiday gone in just 12 months. Insurers charge more for house and medical coverage when someone is a smoker. It just makes sense; cigarettes burn things; smokers become sick more often.

Smoking Costs at Work

Employers notice the drawbacks of having smokers on staff, especially when flu season comes around again. Flu is a respiratory condition and smokers are more susceptible to anything that hits the chest and lungs. They are prone to bronchitis, infections, asthma attacks, and pneumonia. Days of work lost can cost an employer millions of dollars across a large corporation where many people continue to light up those death sticks day after day.

Vaping Instead

All of these reasons and more have led to the development and popularity of vaping. An electronic cigarette or e cig is a battery-operated device which simulates the feel of smoking without the toxins. Although studies are not yet conclusive and there is no way to know yet if vapers will experience long-term health problems from e juice vapor, it’s obvious to smokers that an ecig is better than a real cig.

What Is vaping?

Vaping is the term used to replace “smoking” when one is referring to an e cigarette. Analogs (aka real cigarette) produce smoke because something is being burned, tobacco. An ecigarette does not produce smoke because nothing is being lit on fire. There is no combustion but a process by which liquid becomes vapor, hence the term “vaping.” An e cig will also be referred to as a vaporizer, though this term also encompasses devices which vaporize dry materials, wax, and oils.

What Is Still in Vapor That Has Authorities Worried?

E juice potentially contains nicotine, classified as a dangerous stimulant by the medical community at large. Not all doctors believe it’s as bad as caffeine or wish to see it treated with fear, but some doctors have seen a clear link between nicotine and heart disease in particular patients. Nicotine is also a poison, a pesticide in its natural state. Sowing tobacco plants next to vegetables would be considered a form of co-planting which uses a plant’s natural qualities to deter bugs from eating food crops. Hence, nicotine juice poses a threat to children who see e juice bottles and think they are filled with juice or pop. Some kids have done this and landed in hospital; it’s even possible that there have been deaths associated with drinking e liquid.


But the vaping community is convinced that if smokers use ecigarettes as smoking cessation devices, they will successfully support people who can’t seem to give up that fat old cigar, cigarette, or afternoon pipe. Electronic cigarettes have helped countless individuals quit smoking, although they are not allowed be advertised as smoking cessation devices.

What has health agencies worried is the allure of vaping as a new thing, not a replacement for analogs. Many teens have been drawn to cereal-flavored vape juice or grape-flavored disposable ecigs. They love the patterns and colors of mods and what they consider their “coolness” or “street cred” as they walk around holding an Aspire CF or the Joye eGrip. They never smoked and might never have been tempted, but did e cigs simply draw teens away from interest in cigarettes? Perhaps; it’s hard to prove or disprove something like that.

Vaping Variety

With new e juice companies emerging almost right away in the United States, flavor choices expanded exponentially. Suddenly nothing was out of bounds. People could try savory or sweet styles; baked goods or candy; chocolate, custard, or plain old tobacco-styles. Most flavors are simulated the same way flavorings are simulated in drinks and baking. Some are natural, even organic, but that’s far less common. Natural flavorings are both expensive and limited, generally featuring fruits. Also, vape juice is available for sub ohm devices and machines that run at high watts with 0.5-ohm resistance coils installed and even lower. Consumers are discovering how much thicker clouds can be when they vape 100% vegetable glycerin flavors, especially dairy-style flavors like yogurt and custard. If a juice is vaped at sub ohm resistance in a tank on a machine set to 150W or 600F, clouds are so rich that people compete to see whose clouds are biggest. They do tricks too.

Vaping Longevity

In spite of the new rules and high costs of applying to the FDA for product approval, a lot of companies will stay in business. Firms such as NicQuid, Halo, V2, Vaporfi, South Beach Smoke, and Five Pawns are doing very well and can afford to absorb these fees, check out more eCigarette Rankings & Reviews In 2018 for more trustworthy companies. Some firms will disappear, and maybe they should. Perhaps the quality of their facilities and ingredients and their understanding of chemistry wasn’t adequate for them to be serving the public safely. In any case, vaping and electronic cigarettes will not disappear.

Nicotine Addiction

Smoking cigarettes are injurious to health! Smokers worldwide are is aware of this fact, but they cannot give up smoking because of theirbuck-naked-express-portable-vaporizer_1024x1024 addiction to it. Only a small percentage of them know that nicotine, one of the ingredients cigarette smoke contains, causes this addiction. The other chemical compounds, along with tar, are dangerous for the health of the smoker as well as for those who inhale the smoke. Quite a few of these compounds are carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Smokers have tried nicotine patches and chewing gums, but they have not been able to restrict their dependence on traditional cigarettes, as they derive pleasure on seeing smoke emanating from their mouth and nostrils.

Enter the electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have changed the dependence of smokers towards traditional cigarettes in a huge way. As the vapor released by these digital cigarettes contains nicotine, it satisfies the addiction of the user, and the water vapor released by the e-cig looks like smoke, providing a visual satisfaction too. However, the wide variety of models available often confuses individuals planning to switch over to electronic cigarettes for the first time. Some of them, lured by the cheap prices of low quality imported e-cigs give up smoking them, as those models hardly provide them with the pleasure they seek. If you to plan to migrate to e-cigs, ensure that you purchase locally made brands. They are costlier, but offer full value for money, as they combine a perfect blend of flavor and nicotine strength, as required by the user.

Confusion in selecting a suitable model

Those planning to replace traditional cigarettes with the electronic version should first try the disposable models. They are pocket-friendly and offer approximately 250 puffs, sufficient for the users to understand whether it satisfies them. Once satisfied, they can try refillable models, especially those that employ e-liquid cartridges [this contains a capsule containing a mixture of propylene glycol, water, glycerin (certain brands use vegetable or organic glycerin), flavoring, and nicotine] housed within a coil made of resistant wire. The battery of the e-cig provides electricity to the coil, when the user drags on the e-cig, causing the former to heat up, boil the liquid inside the cartridge, and release the same in the form of vapor consisting of water, flavor, and nicotine.

Advantages of refillable models

They allow the user to use cartridges containing different flavors as well as different nicotine strength. The best part of electronic cigarettes is that it allows the user to relish the nicotine in its entirety. In fact, they deliver the exact amount of nicotine as mentioned in their labeling. Unlike classical cigarettes, the vapor released by the e-cig does not contain toxic chemical compounds. Both the disposable and pen type e-cigs that depend on cartridges are generally termed as portable. However, the e-cigarette industry is fast evolving and nowadays you have wide options to choose from.

Different versions to choose from

Digital cigarettes are nowadays available in portable and desktop versions. The former is compact in design, light in weight, and its dimensions allow users to carry it with them in their pockets or purses. The desktop versions come in a variety of shapes and boast of large and heavy bases. Unlike portable e-cigs, the desktop models typically run on power supplied by a wall plug. Thanks to the stable and powerful power supply the desktop version uses, they are able to generate sustained and stable heat, necessary for a predictable and satisfying vape. While the portable vaporizers are designed for individual use, the desktop model is ideal for parties and get-togethers as they offer a variety of intake options and support multiple mouthpieces. Browse to for comprehensive details about both models.

Electronic cigarettes that offer the best value for your money

If you want nothing but the best, consider checking e-cigs manufactured by brands such as Juul and KandyPens, as they offer the ultimate vaping experience. The Rubi model of KandyPens is a versatile choice as it is compatible with oil and liquid and boasts of a leak-proof pod design, making it easier to use for both veterans and beginners. E-cigs by Juul is ideal for those switching over to e-cigs. Their vaporizers have a simple yet stylish look, have no switches or buttons, and are safe to use as they incorporate a regulated temperature control that prevents overheating. Visit to learn more about those brands.

Special tip: Although premium brands of e-cigs cost more, you can avail of special discounts with the help of coupons, available on coupon code-centric sites.