EU! opens today Friday, August 28 in Toronto!

Enlighten Up! opens today in Toronto at Cumberland 4 Cinemas! In Vancouver, the film opens Friday, September 4 at the Ridge Theatre.

EU! opens in Canada

Many thanks for the all of the patience. It is exciting to announce that Enlighten Up! will be opening in Toronto and Vancouver on Friday, August 28! In Vancouver, the film will play at Ridge Theatre, the Toronto Theater will be announced later this week.

EU! opens: Madison, Ann Arbor, Louisville, Omaha, Rhinebeck & Sacramento

Opening this Friday (6/26) in the following cities: Ann Arbor, MI, Madison, WI, Sacramento, CA, Louisville, KY, Rhinebeck, NY, and Omaha, NE.

EU! extended in Dallas, Houston & North Hampton

Enlighten Up! will stay on screen in Angelika Houston, Angelika Dallas, and at the Pleasant Tree Theater in Northhampton now through Thursday July 2. Thanks for the support!

EU! opens in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio & North Hampton

Beginning this Friday, June 19, Enlighten Up! hits the screen in Angelika Houston, Angelika Dallas, Regal Arbor Cinema, Austin, Bijou at Crossroads, San Antonio, and closer to home at the Pleasant Tree Theater in Northhampton.