EU! opens in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio & North Hampton

Beginning this Friday, June 19, Enlighten Up! hits the screen in Angelika Houston, Angelika Dallas, Regal Arbor Cinema, Austin, Bijou at Crossroads, San Antonio, and closer to home at the Pleasant Tree Theater in Northhampton.

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  1. Art Seligman Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    I loved your movie….a sincere and objective exploration of yoga for sure……..I have been doing yoga…karma and bhakti since before you were alive starting seriously in San Fransisco in 1970…..I would very much like to hear from you…..I agree the current “hot” trend of asanas and exercise and hot yoga is just that….yoga means union with the divine…but I feel even Hatha yoga does further one along the path….better than a lot of other activities in this world………….I have so much to share with you…but I really loved your film…..I live in Toronto….God I have so much to share…..please e-mail me directly so all I have to do is press reply…..and so I know there is a cosmic connection….I thought your journalist was a good subject to follow….I received an A plus two years in a row in my film course from Dr. A.M. Mcquarrie one of the most respected film professors in North America …Speak to you soon…..your film was “boatacha” which is Hindi for super excellent… see I am partial to anything that is bout yoga….anything.

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